Who is Dennis Goff?

I’m adventurous explorer, an entrepreneur navigating uncharted territories with my diverse set of skills. Being a master at creating beautiful and efficient websites is like a skilled woodworker who crafts elegant pieces of furniture. My passion for helping others live their best lives in pursuing their own hero’s journey keeps me inspired.

And to quote Paul Simon: ” Still crazy after all these years…” I’m always seeking new opportunities and pushing boundaries, keeping it fun!

A Quick Look in the Rear View Mirror

I waded through the bustling business landscape in Western Canada for 39 years, where I specialized in nurturing small enterprises, building strong teams, and crafting successful sales and marketing campaigns. As well as my business pursuits, I’ve always enjoyed my photography interests, constantly refining my skills through the lens of my trusty Nikon.

In 2008, I made a daring move and broke free from the confines of the corporate world, never once glancing back. The internet emerged as my gateway to new adventures. Life before the internet was predictable, but life in the digital realm offers endless possibilities. Each year, I relish the spontaneity of expanding my online potential.

That’s how our paths have crossed today, whether you’ve connected with me directly or stumbled upon my website.

Let’s create some new adventures and live it up a little… or a lot!

Family First Principles

I currently live in Courtenay, a small ocean side town in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island with my lovely wife Nicolette (Nicki).

The Comox Valley is the perfect location for anyone, any age, to enjoy an active healthy lifestyle. The valley is fast becoming the #1 choice in Canada for a retirement haven. It’s a paradise of organic gardens, fresh seafood and moderate weather.

Dennis Goff and Family

We are blessed with two beautiful daughters and three energetic grand kids. Family always come first and it’s a value that’s served us well for the half century milestone we celebrated recently. I’m not admitting we’re retiring for a minute tho’.  Just the opposite.  We’re currently planning a retirement re/evolution to stay active and healthy.

Reinventing Our Retirement

Our early online escapades evolved into a delightful way to offer assistance and value to others, empowering them to achieve their goals — just as a blossoming garden brings joy and inspiration to gardeners.

In a similar vein, Nicki’s passion for gardening led her to become a published author and share her expertise through inspiring articles on her website, while also exploring her creative side as a watercolourist. Life is good on Vancouver Island.

Meanwhile, my desire to continue connecting with others during retirement drove me to develop and master the skills needed to create visually appealing and highly efficient websites, catering to a specific market niche.

Luckily, the demand for our services continues to grow steadily. We take great pleasure in collaborating with bloggers and home business entrepreneurs who recognize the importance of a professional web presence for thriving in today’s ever-changing world.

Site Bytes – Design by Dennis

The result of my new interests in perfecting my website design skills was the birth of our new website business and coaching.

What I love about these skills is they work for me (and you) 24/7/365 where ever we live,
work or play.

Your business will be online all the time. And you’ll become a self-reliant entrepreneur (if you choose) or a weekend blogger.

Whatever suits your fancy.

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