How to Write an Engaging About Page for Your Website

by Dennis  

Writing an engaging about page must be challenging. Right?  Think about it – when was the last time you read an about page you felt was credible, personable and informative?  Occasionally?  Seldom?  Never?

The About page and the Privacy page are two of the most visited pages on your website.  Your goal is to write an About page to resonate with your readers so they get to know, like and trust you quickly.

Imagine what writers are missing from the lost readership, buyers, and loyal followers when they fail to speak your language and show an interest in helping you.  Why is this so important? You only have a few seconds at best to grab attention and hold the interest of the reader and they’re gone – never to return.  Not great!

5 steps to an About Page that works

  1. Engagement: Start by explaining what you can do for them.
  2. Credibility: Gain trust early in the game and loyalty follows.
  3. Authenticity: Find your voice to speak with authentic authority.
  4. Call to Action: Ask readers to take the next step in the relationship.
  5. Get Started: Grab your pen and pad and get to work now!

Be More Interested than Interesting

1) How can I engage my readers?

Your reader is thinking:  “What’s in it for me” or “how will this help me solve my problem or make my life better?”  Your About page needs to answer those questions first – before you start to tell your story.

If you’ve done your homework on your target audience (or character) you’ll be able to write a catchy headline to grab his interest and an engaging opening paragraph to let him know what problem (his) you can solve with your products or opportunity.

If you missed it – you’ll find it here: Define Your Target Audience

2) How can I enhance my credibility?

On About Pages that resonate with you – notice the authors have enhanced their credibility by adding testimonials and recommendations from credible people – both about the person and the value they have added to their life.

You could also add personal experience, training, and education (if applicable).  Remember regardless of the size or number of achievements, your readers will love short stories you share with them to inspire trust and credibility.  Awards or certificates or even courses you’ve completed will connect well.

3) Should I reveal the real me?

Emphatically YES! It’s a personal page. Write all this copy in your “voice”. Use photos to tell the story.  Reveal who you are – writer, gardener, artist.  Show that.  If you want to communicate family values – include a family photo too.

In story form, paint a picture for your reader of the challenges you overcame or simply your reasons of why you do what you do.  Stand tall!  Keep in mind tho’… it ’s not a resume for a job. You’re talking to one person – a friend. A couple of quick stories will reveal your true personality. And your reader will resonate with your core values.

You can also use this section to relate to your personal mission.  All you need is one sentence to tell what you plan to achieve and why. It’s powerful!

4) get readers to take the next step

If you have painted a clear picture of what you can do to help them and who you are, and why they might want to get to know you better – you’ve engaged them already. Be crystal clear what you would like them to do next. Once you garner their attention and they are interested or even excited about working with you… make it easy.

Decide what you want them to do:

  • Read more about your service or products?
  • Subscribe to your newsletter?
  • Contact you or call for information?

Now write a STRONG call to action telling them exactly what to do next.  Above all, make sure your final Call to Action fulfills your page’s objective.

5) Craft Your Own Unique About Page

First – analyze your current page based on what you’ve learned here.  Is it boring and irrelevant?  Or interesting and informative?  When you visit other about pages what do you like?  What don’t you like?  Keep notes for future reference…

  • Do they start by engaging readers, or are they all about ‘me’
  • What did they do to build credibility? Testimonials? Awards?
  • Do they show an ‘image of difference’ or simply a ‘me too’ like their competitors?
  • Does their personality shine through in a conversational style?
  • Do they have a unique voice in their writing?
  • Do they have a call to action? Is it clear?

Time to get out your pen and start writing!

Write in your ‘voice’. Don’t sweat the small stuff – the first draft will be rough – unless you’re already an accomplished writer.  So relax and lighten up a bit.  Smile. It’s called a “rough draft” for a reason. Have some fun with this and show who you are with your words.

These questions may help you get the creative juices flowing. Think about how to explain what you offer your “character” and how you’re different from your competitors so working with you is the obvious choice to solve his problem or end his pain.

Brainstorm with a friend to keep the flow going and add a few more questions so you make it truly yours. Own it!  Refer to your market research on defining your audience.

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • How do you help them?
  • How do you make their lives better?
  • What products or services do you offer?
  • Which specific skills do you have?
  • What are your superpowers?
  • Why would clients enjoy working with you?
  • What would you never do?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What makes you passionate about your work?
  • What is your mission, purpose or objective?

What Reasons Do Your Readers Have To Trust You?

  • Have you experienced the same problems as your customers?
    Solved them?
  • What work experience, adventures or courses demonstrate your expertise?
  • How does your education contribute to success?
  • Which awards have you won?
  • Do you have client testimonials or quotes you can include?
  • Have you appeared in any well-known publications?

Give Your Readers Reasons Identify with You

  • What type of work do you hate?
  • And what work (or which clients) energizes you?
  • Why did you start your business? Was there a particular problem to solve?
  • Do you have any childhood or early career stories that explain who you are?
  • Why you do what you do?
  • What keeps you motivated?
  • What do you love to do outside of work?

Ready to get started?

Choose the key ingredients from each of the sections you’ve brainstormed.

  1. What would you do for your customers, and why are you different. How can you explain in two minutes what you can do for your ideal ‘character’.
  2. Choose the credibility statements that would make the best impression on your client/reader.
  3. Select a few points to give readers a glimpse of who you are, and that you’re more than a business person.
  4. What’s the most logical/desired step for your readers.

Once you’ve selected the best ideas, write the first draft. Learn to write in a first-person voice to be more conversational.  You might want to start by asking your reader a question about the key problem he’s struggling with right now.

Start your page with what’s in it for your customers, and finish with personal details and your strong call to action.


You’ve written a draft About page. You’ve chosen perfect pictures.
What’s next?

Ask friends for clear feedback:

  • Does the content sound like you?
  • Do any statements sound insincere?
  • Did you use power words?
  • Are any sentences irrelevant?
  • Is the page free of ‘fluff’?
  • Can they check for typos?
  • Do your pictures complement your story?

Once you’re satisfied with your draft version, publish your new ABOUT page and reward yourself for a major achievement well done!

Now take the next step…

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