Brand Yourself: Write a Powerful Positioning Statement

by Dennis  

You already know your brand is not your logo, your colours or your fonts. These elements help design your website and support your brand to amplify recognition, trust and loyalty.

You use these elements to convey your message to your audience as a promise of service.  Promise your prospects you’ll ease their pain or offer solutions to meet their needs the first time they come in contact with you. And stay consistent forever after. That’s branding yourself and your business for success.

Yes, it takes focus and commitment, but the rewards are huge!

Creating a brand positioning statement or brand promise will ensure your message resonates with your core values and the interests of your ideal customer or “character”. Get to know your “character” intimately before plowing forward without this critical focus.

If you missed the first and most important component of your online business – you’ll want to go back and start here:  Define and Attract Your Target Audience.

Many people continually struggle simply because they don’t invest significant time researching their target audience and try to build their business on an incomplete foundation.  Don’t join that club!


Get Focused

Summarize what your business offers in a meaningful statement to focus your marketing for ongoing communication.

  • Initial copy on your home page
  • An “elevator speech” for networking
  • An introduction for a webinar, speech or presentation

How do I write this statement?

You want to create a clear focused guide for all your communication and visual style. Keep it simple and benefit driven. The easiest way is to use a structure similar to this template:

[Your Business Name] offers [ your product or service ] to [ who you serve ]. We [ what makes you unique or stand out ] and our customers [ benefit how?].

The authentic intent of your promise will speak volumes for building your business because it shows a sincere interest in the interests of those you serve.

Why is this incredibly important?

The constant repetition of presenting your message, your design, and your style will etch a clear image in the mind of your audience which builds trust for the long term. Which results in more engagement and more conversions.

Therefore, the secret sauce for your marketing success is staying true to your branding elements every time your business shows up online and offline.

Positioning Statement Worksheet

Your positioning statement helps you stay focused in all verbal and visual communication. It clearly states who you are, what you offer to a specific audience and how your audience benefits… all in a few concise sentences.

It’s your brand promise. Use it to craft your tagline, a networking intro, elevator pitch or welcome on your website.

FREE Worksheet: Click the image to Download the Brand Promise Worksheet:

Complete your statement and read it aloud a dozen times and do a little wordsmithing until you create a powerful statement you can easily believe and will resonate with your target audience.

Congratulate yourself on completing your clearly stated brand promise for your business!  Well done!

Talk to you soon…

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