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One of the smartest ways to accelerate your success as blogger is to embrace the easy opportunities to get paid for ALL your efforts. Why? You work too hard on your blog not to get rewarded in every possible way, right?

So if you embrace the same practice of using affiliate links right out of the gate you won’t miss out on some relevant pieces of the puzzle for online success.

Let’s talk about why we use affiliate links and why you should too.

Affiliate Links

Often we recommend products with a link directing you to a page on another company’s website. If you decide to buy a product using this referral or affiliate link – we receive a commission from the vendor. It’s a simply thank you for the referral.

That commission is usually only a few dollars; sometimes a little more. Typically, it’s a one-time commission or if you sign up for a monthly subscription or service – we may get a slice of the fee monthly or yearly.

The most important thing for you to know – using our referral links does NOT cost you a penny. The commission comes entirely out of the vendor’s pocket not yours.
Makes sense eh?

Secondly, we’ll NEVER recommend a product simply to get a commission because it would be an insult to our core values. And a bit sleazy, right?

Our promise is we’ll only recommend you to products or services we personally use or our trusted peers have recommended to us.

There are tools that may be a great fit for those starting out but are not so great for a more advanced blog or website. So our recommendations will vary depending on your current needs or objectives. Otherwise it would be a disservice to you.

We identify all referral links with (affiliate link) so you know immediately if you click on that link you’ll be redirected to our recommended resource.

ie. Our favourite blog or website hosting company looks like:

WPX Hosting. (affiliate link)

Of course – we all slip up from time to time so it’s best if you assume anytime we offer a link to a third-party product, we may get small commission.

All good? Excellent! If you have any questions, please contact us. Thanks!

– Dennis