3 Essential Pages to Complete Before Launching Your Website

by Dennis  

Before you launch your new website, you’ll need to complete at least 3 key pages. This short guide will give you an overview of the essential elements to include on each page to optimize engagement with target audience. Start ranking in Google now…

1. Your Home Page

Your Home Page is the doorway to your online home or store – your web address. Once visitors open the door you have only a few precious seconds (2.6) to set the scene for what they can expect on your site.  If you don’t communicate this quickly and clearly… they’ll slam the door – never to return.

Not what you want to happen, of course.

Done correctly, your home page will project a strong voice of authority and start building trust at the first glance. You can do this with either a static page or content focused page. It’s a smart idea to start with a static page until you have your content ready (posts, videos, podcasts etc.). You can add posts and pages on the fly once your site is live.

Whichever way you decide to go – it’s critical your front or home page answers these questions right up front quickly to keep your readers interest.

  1. Am I on the right website?
  2. Is this website worthy of my time?
  3. Is this a trustworthy person or business?

How do I do that?

Display your site name and tagline clearly so visitors see they are indeed in the right place and see why they should be – without having to search for clues.

Capture your visitors’ interest and curiosity with words, images and graphics that show the benefits of your business and/or services & products.  The intent is to entice visitors to stay on your site and find what you promised when they clicked on your link.

Let’s face it… out of the almost ONE BILLION sites online – why should they trust you?  Be sure to let them know!

Tell them right up front.  It’ll increase the trust factor tenfold.  You can do this with testimonials, solutions in your offer, your professional experience and authentic voice.

2. Your About Page

Answer these three key questions to dial in to your readers frequency.

  • Who do you serve?
  • Who are you?
  • What do you offer?

Start with a benefit-driven headline to confirm they are your ideal customer.  Your copy talks in their language so they say when they read it… yeah – that’s me!

Once you’ve done that… let them know who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you. Keep it concise and highlight your business, your skills and expertise.

Now give a short overview of solutions you offer with products or service including links to a sales page outlining benefits for them.  You can also add more happy customer testimonials or referrals here as more social proof.

Make sure you add an easy way for them to stay connected.  If they like what you offered or talked about here – a sign-up form will add more readers to your email list.

3. Your Contact Page

A contact page link in your navigation is essential so readers can easily message you with questions. Remember to protect your privacy too.  Don’t include your email address or there is a good chance you’ll get spammed from the trolls & scammers.  Use a contact form instead – it’s more secure for you and your visitors.

Top 3 pages

Quick Recap

Home page: Feature a static, unchanging Home page or use a blog or podcast with constantly-updating content as your Home page.  Answer three basic questions:
Where am I?  Is this website worth my time?  Can I trust this person or business?

About page:  Write first about who you serve, because people want to read about themselves! Then share information about who you are (or who your company is). Briefly describe the solutions you offer with links to your sales page (after they opt in). Let people know how to stay in touch.

Contact page: Use a form and give your site visitors a way to reach out to you. It’s the best way to protect your privacy.  Don’t include phone numbers or personal email addresses on your website. It’s best not to give spammers and scammers an edge.

That’s it – you’re ready to launch.  It will help your site ranking to get it live as soon as you can.  You can complete more content on the fly.

What are you waiting for?  Let the fun begin!

Talk to you soon,

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